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Criteria – Gail Lindsey Award

Gail A. Lindsey, FAIA

Gail A. Lindsey, FAIA


The AIA Triangle Gail Lindsey Award honors the legacy of Gail Lindsey by recognizing individuals, associations or projects who have made significant contributions to the culture of sustainable design within the Triangle and represent the ideals of Gail’s work.

Gail Lindsey was a visionary leader and innovator. She was instrumental in the initial creation of the US Green Building Council, the LEED Rating System, the AIA national COTE committee, and the Top Ten COTE Award program. Her ‘greening’ projects included the White House, the Pentagon, Habitat for Humanity, the National Park Service, the Department of Energy, the Energy Star program, and the Department of Defense. She was the first woman to win the AIA North Carolina Gold Medal and was named both a LEED Fellow and an AIA Fellow.

Above all of these accomplishments, she was an inspiration. As described by jury member Doug Brinkley: “Gail refused to buy into the notions of environmental sustainability that focused on scarcity, that limited creativity, that constricted the flow of energy or that would ask us to accept anything less than what we can imagine. She was a visionary, a mentor, a leader, and a teacher.”

The Award is intended to recognize any person, project, or group with the Triangle that embodies the sustainable design values of collaboration, integration and creativity.


Your nomination for the Gail Lindsey Award helps our profession recognize those people, projects, or groups who have made significant contributions to the culture of sustainable design in the Triangle. Any individual, institution, association, or company working with the built environment in the Triangle is eligible to receive the AIA Triangle Gail Lindsey Award if nominated by a member or associate member of the AIA Triangle.


Doug Brinkley, FAIA, LEED AP Fellow, 2010 AIA NC Gail Lindsey Sustainability Award
Alicia Ravetto, FAIA, LEED AP Fellow, 2011 AIA NC Gail Lindsey Sustainability Award
Renee Hutcheson, FAIA, LEED AP, 2012 AIA NC Gail Lindsey Sustainability Award
Julia Janaro, AIA, LEED AP – Clark Nexsen


Accepting nominations February 1, 2019.
For more information or to submit a nomination, email
Julia Janaro [julia.janaro at clarknexsen.com] by March 15th.